First we research, then we listen

Vibrant Nation is a unique player in the Influencer Marketing world. Our online community was founded with the intent of listening to women’s concerns, wants, and needs to gain insight on this major economically powerful demographic. Eight years later, Vibrant Nation has grown into the trusted platform where 90,000+ women share advice, recommendations, and provide one another support on topics unique to their life stage. We then discover the market opportunities within industries that brands have yet to master; we do that by implementing our most powerful research tool to date: Listening.

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You don't have to understand women to reach them.
Leave the strategy development to us.

Developed from our parent company, IMC Licensing, Vibrant Nation comes from a background with extensive experience in making great products happen. We provide brands the opportunity to test their products and services on our community and blogger network. Why should you care what these women think? Well, that’s like asking, “Why should you care about what the consumers that spend the most money and have the most money think about your product or service?”…Exactly.

We create the
content your brand
doesn't have,
but needs.

New Nielsen Catalina research directly links influencer marketing to in-store sales, earning 11X the ROI compared to traditional digital marketing campaigns; and brands have blogs to thank. We don’t just share Average-Jane content. We have the resources to create content women will actually want to read, and then we amplify that content across our community through our weekly newsletter sends, website ads, curated ebooks, social media channels and our established blogger network. Data shows that people don’t want to hear directly from brands; they want to hear from people. We have the right people; and the right message and channels to amplify your brand’s message to ensure it makes it through her digital filter.

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In-person or online, women want to experience your brand.

Experiential Marketing will be the leading differentiator for brands in 2016. Through social media, influencer marketing and event activations, we curate integrated experiences fit for your brand’s needs, and based on what women want. These experiences allow you to engage face-to-face with passionate bloggers who want to engage with their readers about your brand. We will secure your brand sponsorship, host an activation party on your behalf, and activate our bloggers to promote your brand’s message while in attendance.



Vibrant Nation was very accommodating throughout
my pharma campaign. They were great throughout the
entire regulatory and review process.

Natalie DeFendini
Vice President, Edelman Health



I love working with Vibrant Nation. In terms of execution,
correspondence, and results reporting, they are hands down my favorite influencer network. I can call at anytime and know that I can reach someone, and any request I push out is handled quickly and efficiently. I
 will always recommend VN to my colleagues.

Maggie Reznikoff
Account Coordinator, Ketchum NY